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The Most Important Place on Earth

We would recommend this resource even if the author wasn’t married to Nancy! Robert Wolgemuth’s newly revised and updated book, The Most Important Place on Earth, provides practical wisdom and encouragement to help you raise your family in a God-honoring way. Watch video about the book.

Your Work Never Goes Unseen

These words have quietly encouraged my heart this week. As we tackle the tasks that are in front of us, those quick mundane acts or long-term projects we pour our souls into, we can grow weary and disheartened. Our work may go unnoticed and unappreciated, “But here’s the truth: God sees. And all things done for his glory and in his name are never wasted.” Read the post.

What King David Can Teach Us About Overcoming Political Anxiety

In the era before the American Revolution, a citizen may have heard anxiety-producing political rhetoric a couple of times a month. This election season and its twenty-four-hour news cycle threaten to send our levels of fear spiraling out of control. Included in the article is an interactive approach to help us identify fears, classify anxieties, and shift our confidence from uncertainty to King Jesus. Read the post.

How to Answer Big Questions from Little People

“Where did God come from? Why do people have to die? How does God make a baby grow inside a mommy’s belly?” Questions like these are difficult for adults to comprehend, so how do we respond to children in a way their little minds can understand? Nikki Daniel gives some sample solutions and her tips for training children in the Lord. Read the post.

The Myth of Maternal Bliss

Don’t let the title fool you; this message is not just for mothers. The way this post beautifully points to Jesus will inspire praise and the desire to live like He did: “The life of Christ was one of incomprehensible accommodation. . . . The One who wound up time knew the limitations of time and space. The One who could see all in all limited Himself to binocular human vision and a body of flesh and bones. The incarnation of Christ is a staggering and scandalous reality.” Read the post.

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