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The Whole Bible Is for Women

We might be tempted, as women, to camp out in certain sections of the Bible that explicitly mention women; passages like like Proverbs 31 and Titus 2. But, Abigail Dodds reminds us that we should be immersing ourselves in all of Scripture. After all, the whole Bible is breathed out by our God for our good (2 Timothy 3:16). Read this post.

Fat. Single. Christian.

Joy Beth Smith: “Dating is not easy. Dating as an overweight woman is significantly more difficult. Dating as an overweight Christian woman is seemingly impossible.” The title is jarring, but so is the truth embedded in the article. Though you may not agree with every word, I hope some of you find comfort in knowing you’re not alone. Read this post.

Embracing the Quiet Life of a Sacred Marriage

Gary Thomas: “Throughout the nine months of our engagement, Lisa and I made many plans, as any engaged couple does. We talked about missions, family, serving God—you name it. . . . Of course, we made the assumption that whatever God would want us to do would be thrilling, exciting, fulfilling, and dramatic. Enter ‘real life.’” Read the post.

Treating People Like the Image Bearers They Are

Leslie Bennett, who has been an ambassador for Revive Our Hearts, sent along this sweet story she found that reminds us, as C.S. Lewis said, that there are truly no ordinary people. We are all made in our extraordinary God’s image. Read this post.

Why Single Is Not the Same as Lonely

I have some of the same thoughts that are expressed by Sam Allberry’s friend at the beginning of this article. If the single life is marked by so much loneliness, is it really worth it? Sam offers some hope-filled counsel. Read the post.

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