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Stop Photobombing Jesus

After his conversion, Garrett Kell desired to be on stage, but when he was given a behind-the-scenes role, his mixed motives for serving were brought to light: “I hoped lost people would be saved—but I wanted to be the evangelist God used . . . I wanted people to think God was awesome—and that I was, too.” As Garrett learned, it is good to desire to be part of what God is doing, but “there is a fine line between wanting God to use you for his glory and wanting everyone to know it.” Read this post.

The Power of a Mother’s Devotion

In this post from Tim Challies’ “Christian Men and Their Godly Moms” blog series, “we turn to a mother who was forced by tragic circumstances to raise her sons on her own . . . With godly determination and unfailing love, [Mary Hodge] brought up her sons in the discipline of the Lord and provided for their every need. It is little wonder, then, that many years later Charles Hodge would pay tribute to his mother as the one person in the world to whom he owed absolutely everything.” Read this post.

How to End Sibling Rivalry Like a Christian

Jen Wilkin has found sibling friendship to be a counter-cultural notion: “Under this norm, parents function as referees and judges—breaking up fights, assigning blame, and steering siblings to leave each other alone. But the Bible indicates that siblinghood (both spiritual and physical) consists of more than simply tolerating each other.” What principles can parents implement to end sibling rivalry? Read this post.

Child of Divorce, Do Not Fear Marriage

“While many people experience fear and ‘cold feet’ as they consider marriage, children of divorce often wrestle more intensely and destructively with relational and marital fears. These fears ‘rise to a crescendo in adulthood’ as they find themselves standing where their parents fell.” Tia Kim has experienced this firsthand. She says, “If you are tiptoeing toward [marriage] as I once did, I want to share some loving truths God pressed into my fears during that time.” Read this post.

Grace and the Non-Instagrammable Church

Have you seen the real church? It’s “the one with the snot-nosed kids and the cantankerous old folks and the arrogant hipsters and the out-of-touch Baby Boomers and the pastor with his short-sleeved button-up shirt . . . the kind of place where grace can really show off.” As Jared C. Wilson explains, “When we can get over the fact that the church isn’t Instagram-ready . . . when we own up to our messiness, we actually open the door for real, undiluted, unadulterated grace.” Read this post.

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