An Invitation to Uncommon Communion

I wasn’t expecting the invitation to write a book. God’s timing often seems out-of-sync in the present, but when the event is in my rear-view mirror, I can see His perfect wisdom in ordering life the way He has.

I was already stretched beyond where I’d ever walked. My father was in his final days of battling lymphoma. It had been a long season, and I was spent physically and emotionally. I was desperately living in moment-by-moment dependence on God. And yet, I knew the request was more than an invitation—I knew it was an assignment—an assignment from God. The question was, would I accept His assignment? Would I trust Him and tap His heart for the needed resources in order to do what He’d called me to do?

I did say yes to Him, and I want to share a few things I’ve been learning while in the gap with God

  1. The gap is the place to cry. Crying can be a really good thing if it’s crying out for help—not crying in self-pity and despair. God delights in responding to our cries for Him to show up in ways only He can.
  2. Obedience brings peace. When I finally released and committed, I was filled with the settling peace that only He can give. Not that the assignment hasn’t been challenging—far from it—but His peace has been tangible in the gap.
  3. Pressing into Him for needed resources has provided the grace needed for the assignment. All along the way He’s provided: input from friends who have writing expertise, people to encourage and supply wisdom, friends who faithfully intercede in prayer, and a great team at Moody Publishers who are shepherding me through the process.
  4. The gap is where I want to stay! As I’ve surrendered to this assignment, pressed beyond the terror, fought the inner doubts with truth from His Word, and applied myself to diligent work . . . God has brought me to a place of deep joy

I’d like to hear about God’s assignment for you. Are you in the gap with God or are you running from His assignment?

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Kimberly Wagner

Kimberly Wagner

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