A Tribute to Kathy

My friend’s long walk through death’s shadows has ended this week. Kathy Helvey’s four-year battle with leukemia has given way to the victory of eternal life.

The first time I met Kathy, I was immediately struck by her physical beauty. It only took a few moments of conversation however, for her inner beauty to eclipse her outer beauty. Passionate vibrancy, Christ-exalting speech, and gracious mannerisms flowed from her naturally and sincerely.

Kathy’s recall of numerous Psalms stemmed from her discipline of memorizing and meditating on chapters as she walked. I rarely enter my daily routine of walking without remembering her and this particular spiritual discipline that she shared with me.

Kathy was a woman who had her share of unusual trials–caring for an adult daughter with autism, serving in a ministry which required trusting God for financial income–and yet she displayed such a joy in Christ that, unless you had personal knowledge of what was occurring in her life, it would appear she had no difficulties or challenges. She didn't unload her struggles or seek out sympathy but approached conversations as opportunities to bless others and point them to the goodness of God. Kathy was a true woman, no question about it.

One of the last conversations I had with Kathy was when we unexpectedly "ran into”  each other while she was in the hospital outpatient waiting area and I was there with my dad. She used the moments while we were waiting to ask about his health, what was happening in my life, my children, etc. She took time to bless me rather than bemoaning her own situation.

I know the Father delighted to welcome her home and honored her as one of His choice servants. I will miss her smile and infectious laugh. I look forward to seeing her again on that day when we'll all be united there in perfect unity, spending forever together in His glorious presence!

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Kimberly Wagner

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