A Jaunt Back to the Classroom

I’m going to take you back to English class, but just for a quick visit. I promise we’ll be in and out in no time.

Do you remember metaphors? I can see you yawning already. But before you tune me out, let me remind you that a metaphor is an incredibly clever, genius technique for naming something with the name of another thing, in order to better understand and experience the first thing.

Okay—I promised you our visit would be a quick one. Let’s close the classroom door, and I’ll explain why you should even care about metaphors.

This month we’re talking among other things about the church. Man didn’t come up with the idea of the church—God did! And here’s the really cool thing: He gave us not one, but four metaphors to help us understand the church!

Here’s your challenge. Can you list all four metaphors below? (I’ll give you a hint—they’re all found in the book of Ephesians.)

In honor of English class, you can give yourself extra credit if you explain how these metaphors help us understand and experience the church as it really is. (You can just explain your favorite metaphor.) 

Finally, you can give yourself extra, extra credit for providing verse references for where the four metaphors are found in Ephesians.

(You should be warned that no excuses involving your dog eating your homework will be accepted.)

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Paula Marsteller

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