50 Mentoring Questions That Spark Revival

In Mark 8:27, Jesus asked His disciples, “‘Who do people say that I am?’” He listened intently to their answers: “‘John the Baptist . . . Elijah . . . one of the prophets’” (v. 28). The more important question comes next. I imagine Jesus peering into their eyes with a look that penetrated their souls, “‘But you,’ he asked them, ‘who do you say that I am?’” (v. 29, emphasis added).

Jesus was the master at asking questions. The reason He asked so many had nothing to do with a lack of knowledge. Jesus already knew every answer.The greatest Teacher of all time probed the hearts and minds of His followers, prompting them to think below the surface to grasp spiritual truth and to remove the blinders to their true heart motives. His questions still surprise, invite, perplex, expose, and convict us today.

Great mentors are also skilled at asking open-ended questions that challenge people to take an honest look at themselves and to rightly see God as He is. These are the types of queries that promote transformation and personal revival.

The purpose of these questions is to help mentors move women closer to Jesus. They’re designed for you to develop the art of asking questions in your mentoring relationships. The list is divided into five sections: general, relationship with God, relationship with people, personal holiness, and personal ministry. 

Familiarize yourself with the list so that appropriate questions will naturally come to mind at the right time. You may want to select one or two questions to explore with the person you’re mentoring each time you meet.

As mentors, we aren’t all-knowing like Jesus. Neither are we expected to have all the answers in advance. The joy of mentoring is seeking the Lord together to discover the satisfaction of walking in His will and His ways. The beauty is that a gospel-adorning mentoring friendship will produce life change for both you and the one you are mentoring.

50 Mentoring Questions 


  • Who or what is your greatest treasure?
  • Where do you need accountability?
  • What are your spiritual gifts?
  • Is there a Scripture passage that is precious to you right now?
  • What brings joy to your heart?
  • What words or actions are life-giving to you? What words or actions are life-taking to you?
  • How do you determine priorities? Who is at the center of your decision-making? Is it God or self?
  • What area of your life needs to be revived?
  • You seem to be struggling with ______. Is this something we can pray about together? What is at the root of your frustration? 
  • What are you currently praying for? 
  • Can you tell me more about that?
  • May I share something that might be helpful?
  • What is one word that expresses the state of your heart today?

Relationship with God 

  • What does glorifying God mean to you and what does it look like in your life?
  • When you consider your life, is your viewpoint centered on self or God? How can you tell?
  • What lies are you believing?
  • How have you seen God at work in your life this week?
  • What is God teaching you in this season?
  • How would you like to become more like Jesus? What would it take for that to happen?
  • What is your next big decision? Which of the choices would most honor God?
  • Is there any area of life where you feel stuck?
  • What can you thank God for this week?
  • Is there something in the Bible or a truth about God that you're struggling to understand or believe?
  • How does the gospel change your thinking about your identity and about how you view God, yourself, and others?
  • Have you talked to God about this issue? Can we pray about it together?
  • Is there anything or anyone that you love more than God?

Relationships with People 

  • Are you resentful or bitter toward anyone? 
  • Is there someone you need to forgive?
  • How can you be life-giving instead of life-taking in this relationship?
  • What would it look like to surrender control of your relationships to God?
  • Do you have a relationship that you want to see God heal? 
  • Is there a hurt in your heart that needs further healing?
  • What plans do you have in place for prioritizing your family? Does anything else have greater importance to you?

Personal Holiness 

  • Is there a sin standing in the way of your revival?
  • What is holding you back from fully surrendering to God?
  • Is there anything that God has asked you to obey that you are resisting?
  • Have you recently taken a step of faith or obedience that we can celebrate together?
  • Is there any residual bitterness in your heart that you need to resolve?
  • What is God asking you to die to?
  • Are you regularly worshiping in both corporate and private settings? 
  • When worship feels lifeless, what can you do to avoid going through the motions?
  • What does your personal devotional life look like? 
  • How are you responding to temptations?
  • Is there a sin that you need to confess and run to Jesus for forgiveness?
  • Do you ever feel weighed down with guilt and shame?
  • Is there anything you want so desperately that you’re willing to sin to get it?
  • How do you manage your emotions when they run out of control?

Personal Ministry 

  • Are you ready to step into the role of mentoring? Why or why not? 
  • Who first shared the gospel with you? Are you comfortable telling others about Jesus? If not, can we pray and talk through it together?
  • What gifts or abilities has God given you? How are you using them to serve and bring glory to God?
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