3 Ways to Cure Spiritual Blindness

You can grow up immersed in Christian culture. You can go to church. You can memorize the Bible. And you can still miss Jesus. 

That idea has haunted me over the past year as my Sunday morning Bible study has gone chapter-by-chapter through the book of Matthew. Have you ever noticed how many people came face to face with Jesus but did not recognize Him as the Son of God? From the Pharisees who opposed Him to the crowds who celebrated His teaching—countless individuals encountered Him and then continued on in their former way of life. 

The same can happen to us. 

When January began, I couldn’t shake the thought: I don’t want to miss Jesus this year. Since then, it’s trickled into ministry planning sessions as I’ve met with others who serve in my young single adults class at church. And it's been at the heart of my prayers as we’ve prepared for Bible studies and events and looked ahead toward Easter: 

Lord, if we gather together and study Your Word and don’t see You, we’re wasting our time. Please show us who You really are . . . and may that understanding make all the difference in our everyday lives. 

He’s More . . . So Much More

Last week, when Dannah Gresh spoke to the Revive Our Hearts team during a staff chapel service, I stopped taking notes and just started texting quotes from her message directly to friends. By the end, I was wishing for a way to share the message in its entirety with those in my local community and with friends like you here on the blog . . . because even though many of us have seen glimpses of Jesus all our lives, there’s still so much more awaiting us.

Today, you have a chance to hear Dannah’s message for yourself. Grab your Bible, notebook, and pen and turn to Mark 8 as Dannah shares three ways that we can learn to see Jesus more clearly and three ways to cure spiritual blindness. 

Before you press play on the video, I’d encourage you to jot down your own prayer at the top of the page: Lord, help me to see Jesus. 

In the video, Dannah mentioned that our staff is journeying together through Nancy’s new book, Incomparable: 50 Days with Jesus. Will you join us? When you support Revive Our Hearts with your gift of any amount today, we’ll gladly send you a copy. As a special bonus, we’ll also send you the Incomparable reading guide so you can follow along with our team in the days leading up to and following Resurrection Sunday. Through fifty readings on the life, work, and words of Christ, you’ll begin to see Him as He truly is: incomparable.

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Katie Laitkep

Katie Laitkep

Katie Laitkep was working as a hospital teacher when God called her to join Revive Our Hearts as a staff writer. She serves remotely from Houston, Texas, where God sustains her through saltwater beaches, Scripture, and her local church. Katie's … read more …

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