Handling Group Dynamics

The Shy Member:

1) Prompt her to share on easier questions. A safe question to ask is if she would like to “add her comments” to the discussion. Try saying, “I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on_______” or “We don’t want to miss what’s on your mind, Rene.”

2) During a contact outside the group such as a phone conversation or email correspondence, seek to discover something she is excited about learning and ask her to share it at the meeting.

3) Coach her to select one or two questions from the reading and volunteer to answer those during the group time.

4) Give positive feedback. Simple words of encouragement can make the most profound impact!

5) Never be forceful. Look for opportunities to “woo” women into conversation.

6) Pray!

The Talkative Member:

1) This outgoing lady generally needs no prompting to share so avoid calling on her to answer.

2) Avoid eye contact. Try having her sit beside you.

3) If necessary, during a one-on-one occasion, ask her to hold back from sharing too often so quieter women have more opportunities to participate.

4) Talk with her privately and solicit her help in drawing out the shy members.

5) Graciously and gently interrupt when the talkative member takes a breath during verbose sharing.

6) If after you’ve talked with her privately and she continues to share excessively, consider saying something like, “Ms. X, you have many things that the Lord seems to be teaching you, but since you have already shared several times I would love to give some others the opportunity to share.”

7) Pray!

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