Do You Know Him?

This original recitation by Blair Linne was given at True Woman '14.

Have you seen Him?
Do you love Him?
Will you give up all to serve Him?
Do you know Him?

Here comes the Lamb of God, passing by robed in splendor
angels bowing at His feet.
Trembling in complete surrender

The heavens sing, clouds sway to the ancient of Days
the core of the earth knows the Lord's worth and erupts in praise
every tree, fruitfully blowing in the wind
they know all things hold together through Him

And yet, The Christ condescends not for the trees, elements, animals, or wind
but out of love, descended like a dove to make sinners His friends.
But, we prefer a theoretical knowledge
and mankind is determined to examine natural things
while neglecting opportunities to know the King of kings.

We prefer a theoretical knowledge, our degrees from Bible college
when the kingdom of God is so close at hand
we would be changed if we would be still and acknowledge the Son of Man

He has spoken through His word that He is the Word
we can commune with Him our daily food that He willingly serves
but we'd rather spend the time on a blog reading something we overheard.

Rather than wrestling with God through these pages of truth
wrestling not to win but so that we will always lose
if necessary, walk away with a limp or a thorn in our side
So that we will humbly surrender any temptation to pride

Can't be content, tweeting quotes from men who labor in the presence of The Most High
we settle for secondary revelation and wonder why we're so dry.
Shallow like a bonsai waiting for a "like"
rather than an eternal love from the one who gave His life.

See, Jesus Christ is jealous for His glory
before this globe was structured, He was crafting a supernatural story
Starring His mercy, co-starring His grace
directed by the hand of God.
Truth is, we should all be on our face

not on youtube . . .
rather lights, camera, action as we zoom into
His crucifixion
the only sacrifice which does suffice
should motivate our contrition and set ablaze our delight

not gathering information to add to our "spiritual resume"
but digging in our heels to comprehend
the depth of His majesty every day.

Not reading the Bible to sound spiritually deep
but savoring His Word because His truth is oh so sweet.

Have you seen Him?
Do you love Him?
Will we give up all to serve Him?
Do you know . . . Him?

Not heard it through the grapevine
that His grapes were crushed and poured out wine.
Have we tasted His blood and eaten of His flesh
Experienced His power to exchange His life for our death.
See we were dead
worse than in a grave
enslaved by legions of demons
the prince of the air had us depraved
a spiritual death which transcends the flesh creating an eternal heat wave
which we rightly deserved but while in our sin,
God graciously chose to save!

Now we have peace and serenity
Since we are no longer an enemy of the Trinity.
Free to get on our knees
confessing "Lord I believe."
as we put off sin to cleave to His divinity.

Counting it all loss for the sake of Christ
Anything gained in this world cannot be compared
to the fact that we have been paired with, made heirs with
His holiness who chose to spare us with

He gave us Himself as our treasure
we have the privilege of loving Him, our pleasure
from the moment we were born again until forever ends
which is never!

Have you seen Him?
Do you love Him?
Will you give up all to serve Him?
Do you know Him?


Written for Revive Our Hearts/True Woman ’14. © 2014 by Blair Linne. Used by permission.

About the Author

Blair Linne

Blair Linne lives in Philadelphia with her husband, Shai, and their three children: Sage, Maya, and Ezra. Blair is an actress, speaker, author, and spoken word artist who has toured globally and is known as one of the originators of the Christian Spoken Word genre. Proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ through Bible study, speaking, and spoken word is her passion.