Cry Out #4: A Prayer for Bible Literacy

I grew up hearing my father say, “We’re only one generation away from biblical illiteracy.” As I’ve gotten older, this statement resonates more and more. 

It only takes a glance at social media, a quick scan of television channels, or a momentary listen to the radio to observe how we keep creeping further and further away from God’s authoritative truth. In fact, authority is sort of a bad word among some, as is truth. For all these reasons, my heart is burdened for the next generation. Will they know our good Father’s voice? Will they love hearing it? 

While the genuine threat of biblical illiteracy may loom, God is faithful now just as He has always been. A remnant of His children has remained throughout the whole of Scripture, and we can trust He will preserve His saints for all time.

In 2 Kings 22, the Book of the Law was found in the house of the LORD while the temple was being repaired. Some believe the book had been lost for sixty years. It had likely been at least a generation, though. When King Josiah heard the reading of God’s Word, he tore his clothes with grief. 

Even during times of silence, God provided His Word and led tenderhearted people to respond to it. Because of Josiah’s humility upon hearing the LORD’s words, he was determined to follow the LORD and keep His commandments. Our sovereign God worked out every detail for His Word to be proclaimed—and followed—throughout the land. 

Oh, for us to have tender humble hearts like Josiah! May we know, love, and proclaim God’s Word now, as we have breath in our lungs, so that future generations will know and love God.

A Prayer for Biblical Literacy

Our Father God, 

You are worthy to be praised and honored above all! Through Your Word, You have spoken this world into existence. Through Your Word, You call men and women to truth. Through Your Word, You give us an understanding of who You are. You are mighty and above all. Your truth prevails even when some desire to suppress it. You reign supremely even when some rebel against Your authority. And while we easily see hard hearts in the world, God, please reveal to us where we, too, are rebelling against You as Lord. Send conviction when our hearts are hard, when we neglect Your Word, and when it ceases to flow from us into others.

In spite of our sinful hearts, our busyness, and our blissful ignorance, make Your Word powerfully known to the future generations. Fill us with a desire to know, study, memorize Your Word. Empower us to live lives that are informed and transformed by it. Prompt us to read Your Word to our children, grandchildren, and spiritual children. May we treasure the precious gift of Your voice, and may we generously share this gift with the nations and future generations.

In Jesus, who is the Word, Amen. 

Your Turn to Cry Out

  • If regular Bible reading is a struggle, pray for God to give you a desire to mine its treasures daily as a precious gem.
  • Pray that the Bible will be your authority—without making excuses for it or creating your own version of truth. 
  • Make it a habit to read the Bible to young children in your sphere of influence.
  • Ask God to give you friends to help you memorize God’s Word. Challenging yourself may be difficult, but you will treasure that which you’ve worked hard for.

About the Author

Wendy Foulke

Wendy serves as director of the Women of the Word ministries at Christ the Word Church in northwest Ohio where she and her husband, Dave, live. Together they have four children. While Wendy loves discipling women, gardening, and traveling, she embraces being a Grandma as one of her favorite roles in life.