Bible Reading Plans

So you want to read through the Bible? Awesome! Here’s what we suggest. Choose a plan that will work best for you in your specific situation. Then, ask a close friend to keep you accountable, and stick to it! When you fall behind (as we all do at times), don’t give up. Just pick back up where you left off the last time you read, and keep going. Remember, getting any bit of the Word into you is better than none at all!


Through the Bible in Two Years

Read through the entire Bible once in two years, and the Psalms and New Testament twice.

New Testament in a Year

Read through the New Testament in a year.


One-Year Reading Plan by Genre

Read through the Bible in a year, sampling a different part of the Bible each day of the week. Read the Epistles on Sunday, the Law on Monday, History on Tuesday, Psalms on Wednesday, Poetry on Thursday, Prophesy on Friday, and the Gospels on Saturday.

One-Year Chronological Reading Plan

Read through the Bible in chronological order, as events occurred in time.

One-Year Genesis to Revelation Journey

Start your year at the beginning of the Bible, and end the year in the last book.


Ninety-Day Reading Plan

Read through the Bible in ninety days.


Variety of Plans

Nine different reading plans provided through

Customize Your Online Plan

Customize your own plan in the version of your choice on

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