5 Ways to Honor Your Husband

A wife can honor her husband by:

  1. Making sure her behavior is beyond reproach. A woman’s behavior affects how others see her husband.
  2. Not dishonoring his name in any way before others. “Husband bashing” has become far too common when women get together. It is easy to join in and even try to one-up each other regarding our husbands’ faults. It is one thing to bring your personal problems before a trusted Christian counselor, pastor, or friend, and quite another to share your husband’s faults with casual or even close friends. Also, be cautious with prayer requests. Not every Christian keeps a confidence. Prayer requests can often wind up as gossip.
  3. Remembering that if you are married to a Christian man, you are married to someone of highest worth to Christ. If Christ regards your husband as precious and worthy, how can you possibly not? A woman who is married to a non-Christian should treat her husband in the same way. Christ died for his sins as well and desires a relationship with him. First Peter 3:1–2 says that our behavior may be the vessel that is used to win a non-Christian husband to Christ. If your husband is a non-Christian, based on your behavior alone would he have any desire to know more about your Savior?
  4. Asking yourself whether your children see you honoring their father. You greatly influence how they view their father by how you honor him in your home.
  5. Remembering that honor involves all that you do with your life—the way you talk and work, the values you hold, your morals. There is nothing that you do, say, watch, or reach that doesn’t involve honor.

Are you, as a wife, bringing honor to God in the way you treat your husband? We are to “love each other with brotherly affection and take delight in honoring each other” (Romans 12:10, tlb, emphasis added). Are you taking delight in honoring your husband?

© Multnomah Publishers. Used with permission. Excerpted from The Politically Incorrect Wife by Nancy Cobb and Connie Grigsby.