Seeking Him Podcast

Setting the Record Straight

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth: What do you do when someone says something about you that isn’t true? It may depend on what they say. For example, we’re quick to set the record straight when we’re criticized.

Man: You can’t say I NEVER take out the trash.

Woman: Okay, maybe not never. Maybe once a year you take it out without me nagging you.

Man: No! I did it two weeks ago.

Nancy: But what about when someone says something positive?

Man 2: “You really did a great job on that project.”

Woman 2: “Well . . . thanks. It was my pleasure.”

Nancy: When we take the credit someone else deserves, it’s really a subtle form of boasting. It shows a lack of love. God’s word says, “Love does not boast.”

Man: “Honey, I— You were right; I haven’t taken out the trash as often as I said I would.”

Woman 2: “Actually, it was all Heather's idea. She worked so hard on that project.”

With Seeking Him, I’m Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth.

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