• 23 May ‘16 – 3 June ‘16

The Cry of the Captives (Psalm 126)

Do you long for a fresh work of God in your life? In your home? In your church? Join Nancy as she explores a key Old Testament revival prayer. You'll also hear from Byron Paulus, Executive Director of Life Action Revival Ministries.

Episodes in this season

Psalm 126, Day 1

Almost everyone has good intentions. We all want to change the world for good, but without God’s help we can do nothing. View More →

Psalm 126, Day 3

When’s the last time you wept in church? You’ve probably cried tears of joy, but what about tears of repentance? View More →

Psalm 126, Day 4

What’s the best way to let the world know what your church is doing? The answer has nothing to do with hiring a PR firm! View More →

Psalm 126, Day 5

Some of us would rather stay in captivity than have the freedom of obedience because to obey God can be hard. View More →

Psalm 126, Day 6

We usually pray that God would take away our tears. But Nancy points out that positive tears precede revival. View More →

Psalm 126, Day 9

No matter how many good programs a church has in place, it still needs revival. This is the force that gives life to the Body of Christ. View More →

Psalm 126, Day 10

What do you think of when you hear the word revival? Revival may involve extended meetings and church programs, but it’s much more. View More →