• 13 April ‘20 – 17 April ‘20

Revive Our HeartsThe Power of Transformed Speech, by Mary Kassian

God sets a high standard for our speech, our thoughts, and our attitudes. Even more importantly, He reveals the secret for how to reach that standard. And we reach it when we tap into His power.

Episodes in this season

The Power of Exchange

If you leave a plot of land alone, weeds will take over. That’s like our words. Mary Kassian will show you how to pull weeds of sinful words. View More →

The Power of the Open Gate

Freedom. Fullness. Fruitfulness in Christ. We show you how He can develop these qualities in your life. Hear how to give control of your words to the Lord. View More →

The Power of Return

Active listening involves giving our undivided attention. It involves hearing with our ears; it involves observing carefully with our eyes. View More →