A Mother’s Prayer

To the service and work of Christ do I consecrate this desk earnestly praying that everything written and prepared thereon may be done with the singleness of mind to His honour and glory. May His divine presence grace the hours spent in study and may there ever be a consciousness that His Spirit is in the midst so that all I do or say, write or otherwise may be acceptable by Him.

To Christ Jesus my Redeemer shall the praise and adoration be given. Amen.

~Florence M. Barson

A couple of years ago my dad gave me a little framed prayer my grandmother had written back in September 1932. She had written it to dedicate a new desk and the work done upon it to the Lord. I brought it back to Nashville after a lengthy stay at home in Northern Ireland where work at a desk was very far from my mind through long months of morning sickness! This prayer has really helped increase my energy and focus to get back to my desk to read, study, write, and pray, for which I am very grateful. I needed it!

Consecrating the Ordinary

One of the things about this prayer that inspires me is just its profound ordinariness—the consecrating of everyday things to the Lord. My desk, my kitchen sink, my car, my sofa are all places of thought and planning, work and rest, conversation and instruction. With the busyness and variety of life that working in and outside of my home brings (plus the vulnerability of pregnancy), I need simple reminders, many places to pray and triggers that help draw me close to the Lord and an intentionality of a faith awake and active through the hours of the day. I've put this prayer beside my desk; I'm going to write one for beside my sink!

The Boundless Power of Prayer

The long-reaching example of my grandmother inspires me. She passed away when I was a little girl so I don't have many memories, but I know she loved the Lord. I know she prayed for her children and her grandchildren. I know her prayers continue to bear fruit. Faithfulness in prayer for our families and for our own spiritual health has boundless power and reaches beyond our own earthly years. There's an old saying that "old sins cast long shadows"; it is also true that old prayers cast long lights.

I am grateful for her and reminded again to be diligent in prayer as a mother and daughter, wife and friend, worker and helper. Bad habits of forgetfulness or distance can be broken at any moment and built over again and again. Good habits of conversation and closeness to the Lord throughout the day will bring peace to our anxious hearts and eternal fruitfulness to our brittle hands to the praise and glory of our Savior. I hope this prayer inspires you today.

Happy Mother's Day! We're happy to share this special Mother's Day eCard featuring the song "A Mother's Prayer" by Keith and Kristyn Getty. We hope you find it to be a blessing on this special day.

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Kristyn Getty

Kristyn and her husband Keith are global ambassadors for their modern hymns and congregational singing in the USA and throughout the world. They tour internationally, visiting venues as diverse as the Ryman Auditorium, Belfast’s Waterfront Hall, The Pentagon, and Royal Albert Hall, with performances for George W. Bush, the United Nations, and South Korea President Lee Myung-bak. They have also have created the Getty Music record label (which holds 3 Dove Award nominations and is distributed by Capitol Christian Distribution), built various print publishing partnerships and imprints, and produced unique merchandise containing their hymn lyrics.

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