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Don't Put Your Toddler in a Cardboard Box

Laura Booz: It’s a universal law of nature that kids love cardboard boxes. In fact, if you are ever agonizing over what to give a child for their birthday, just remember that if the toy comes in a cardboard box, the child will love the gift . . . one way or another. 

Well, my kids are like all other kids. They love a cardboard box. I remember one day when they had three perfectly-sized cardboard boxes in the playroom. They had turned them into their own private boats. My little girls sat inside the boxes in the middle of the sunroom . . . I mean the sea. And at one point I walked through the room with my one-year-old son on my hip, and I realized there was an extra box just for him, so I popped him in and said, “Oh, it’s your own little boat.” Then …

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Laura Booz

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