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Bible Study and Bumper Boats

Laura Booz: One time when I was a kid, we went to an amusement park that had bumper boats. They were all lined up around this man-made pond, and it looked really fun. I waited in line and finally got my very own bumper boat. I got inside and the attendant blew his whistle, indicating that we could all start, bumping away. I realized pretty quickly that I had no idea what I was doing. 

Everyone else just zipped around, making waves, maneuvering surprising bumps into other boats, and throwing their heads back in triumph. They were having so much fun. But there I was, a little girl stuck in a boat I couldn’t drive, being splashed about by all these happy strangers. My boat bobbed over to the opposite side of the pond, nudged up against a guard rail and just sat there. 

A couple minutes later the attendant …

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