TW Video: What God Can Do Through One Ordinary Woman

This time last year, I had the privilege of traveling to the Dominican Republic with a small team to capture the following video. This video debuted at the True Woman ’10 Conferences, and I’m delighted to finally release it on the blog for you.

It’s really a story about God, and how He delights to use one ordinary woman to reach her family, church, country, and the world. In this particular story, that woman is Laura Gonzalez de Chavez. (If you read yesterday’s post about the Haitian earthquake—well, that was written by Laura.)

Laura invited a few women to the very first True Woman Conference in 2008, and ended up coming with over 100 women from the Dominican Republic! You’ll hear how God used the True Woman Conference to prepare them for what was about to happen back home in the DR . . .

The video ends after eight to nine minutes, but God isn’t done writing this story. In fact, as a result of Laura’s—and others—prayer and hard work, Revive Our Hearts will begin airing in Spanish in the Dominican Republic this Tuesday, January 18! (Can anyone say “Aviva Nuestros Corazones”? That’s “Revive Our Hearts” in Spanish!) We pray this is just the beginning of calling Spanish-speaking women—not just in the DR but around the world—to freedom, fullness, and fruitfulness in Christ.

This isn’t the only incredible story God’s writing. Will you trust Him right where you are to use “ordinary you” to reach your family, church, country, and world? That’s not too hard for Him!

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