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Take the 30-Day Husband Encouragement Challenge . . . And See What God Does!
Marriage . . . how is it going? Have you settled into a ho-hum state? The kind where you’ve become just roommates, or even strangers? What if there were a way to re-awaken the love you once had for each other?
Actually, there is! All you need is 30 days, a redeeming God, and some kind words.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss has been issuing the 30-Day Husband Encouragement Challenge for many years now, and we continue to receive more responses from this one resource than almost anything else. The impact it has had—and is having—in women’s lives and marriages, is extraordinary! (Hear for yourself from three of these women below.) 

A Different Sort of Valentine’s Day Gift
Would you take the challenge this month? We can’t think of a better Valentine’s Day gift you could give to your husband! Here’s how it works:

•    For 30 days, don’t say anything negative about your husband—to him, or to anyone else about him.
•    Every day for the next thirty days, tell your husband—and tell someone else—something you admire or appreciate about him.

Sound impossible? While we can’t guarantee that this will be an easy task (it’s called a challenge for a reason!), we can guarantee that you will change—and that you will begin to see your husband through fresh eyes of love and gratitude.

Just For Singles
Don’t sit this one out . . . 
1.    Encourage your married friends to take this challenge.
2.    Pray for the women who are taking this challenge (and their husbands!).
3.    Tweak this challenge slightly and encourage a family member, co-worker, or neighbor for the next 30 days.

It’s Giveaway Time!
If you decide to take this challenge, leave a comment below by Wednesday morning, February 16, and we’ll send ten of you Revive Our Hearts’ brand-new 30-Day Husband Encouragement Journal. This journal features a daily dose of encouragement and direction for you as you seek to encourage your husband. It allows you to record what God is teaching you through this journey (which will be a lot!). Finally, you’ll be able to read success stories from women who’ve “gone before” and experienced great victories in their marriage. Women like Amy, Stephanie, and Felecia.
From Those Who’ve Taken the Challenge . . .


“I’d been having trouble getting my husband to help me out around the house. Your challenge suggested ‘appealing to him for help without complaining.’ That day, I humbled myself (which was a challenge) and said, ‘I need your help; I can’t do it alone.’ That very second, my husband hugged me, grabbed the vacuum, and got to work.” —Amy



“I am—on purpose—looking for things to appreciate about my husband when I was screaming ‘Divorce!’ only two months ago. I can see God working in our relationship and in me.” —Felecia



“I was at my wits end with my husband. We’ve been married just over a year and have had some of the worst verbal, knock-down, drag-out fights of my life! We’re like junkyard dogs with a bone—ain’t NOBODY gonna take from us what we believe is ours.

“As I was crying my eyes out to God, I stumbled across your challenge on the Internet. I openly laughed when I read what I was to do. I almost chucked it, but something kept me from doing so.

“Begrudgingly, I began my campaign of encouragement toward my husband with bitterness, anger, and hate in my heart. I started leaving him notes—in his truck, in his wallet, on his computer, taped to the mirror. I found the smallest, least important things in the world to say ‘thank you,’ ‘I appreciate you,’ and ‘I love this about you.’

“After the first day, I got an email from my husband: ‘What are these notes you are leaving around the house for? Whose idea was this?’

“On the second day, I got another email from my husband, pouring out his anger and frustration with me over the fights we had been having. He didn’t know what to do or say about my encouraging words. I told him: ‘Why don’t you just enjoy them?’ (I was hurt and about to quit, but something made me keep going.)

“After a week, my hard-hearted, closed-off, non-communicative husband broke down, opened up, and listened instead of barking orders. He sat on the couch with me and said, ‘This is the best week I’ve ever had! To just be here holding my wife in my arms is the best way to end a day!’

“In one short week, obeying God and keeping my negative thoughts, comments, and ideas to myself—or shared only with God—my marriage is on the path to being mended!” —Stephanie


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