Marion and Jim

I was leafing through a 1973 issue of Moody Magazine and came across a wonderful article by Jill Renich titled, “How to Win Your Unsaved Husband.” It occurred to me that the wisdom offered in the article is also applicable for husbands that are immature in their faith-walk. The author begins with the story of Marion and Jim. 

One day, Jim stormed into the house in an angry outburst because Marion hadn’t made sure the lawn mower had gas in it. Marion felt furious anger and hatred flaring up in her heart at yet another of Jim’s unfair accusations. Bitter words poured into her mind, but as she opened her mouth to speak,  she remembered the commitment she had made to God to respond differently and trust Him to work on Jim’s heart.

Instantly she prayed for love as she confessed to God her anger and resentment. As Jim ranted on and on, Marion looked into his glaring eyes and said softly, with deep sincerity . . . “I love you, Jim.” Jim was stunned. Thus began Marion’s creative, positive demonstration of biblical love for her unsaved husband. It was the end of fighting back.

She memorized 1 Peter 3 and Ephesians 5:22-24. Prayer became the first as well as the last resort. She prayed in times of crisis; she prayed while doing housework. A God-worked submission began to follow in every area of her life as she ceased to be a competitor and became instead a trusted companion. Marion’s active dependence on Jim made a man of him. In time, he even submitted to God as Marion had submitted to him.

The author of this article suggests that submission includes three facets of a woman’s life:

Her Conduct

  • How do you treat the people in your home?
  • What is your attitude toward your husband? Your children?
  • Do you give them the love and consideration you would give a guest?

Her Grooming (Many women concentrate on outward beauty, but God expects us to give attention to the inner beauty of a meek and quiet spirit.)

  • Is your life marked by humility?
  • Have you entrusted your husband to God?
  • Will you leave the consequences of his actions to Him?

Her Faith

  • What is your attitude toward God?
  • Is your conduct one of deep reverence toward Him and His standards for your life?
  • Does your husband see a real love for God and His Word in your life?

Conduct . . . Grooming . . . Faith. Covers a lot of territory, doesn’t it? Which area do you need to work on today?

The article concludes with this statement: 

“God knows all about our husbands–even demanding, unreasonable husbands. His way is to show us His miracle-working power. As we demonstrate a confidence in God that produces an unshakeable, quiet spirit before our husbands, He continues His work in them.”

Timeless truths, indeed!

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Karen Waddles

Karen Waddles

Karen Waddles is assistant to the publisher at Moody Publishers, a conference speaker, and a contributing author of Our Voices: Issues Facing Black Women in America and The Women of Color Study Bible. She and her husband, George, who … read more …

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