Where Are the Wailing Women?

Where are the wailing women?
Call for the wailing women to come and cry out
Since our nation lay in a casket
Tell them to come and mourn over her

America is a mother without a pulse
She lay in a casket she built with her bare hands
Stars and stripes draped over her shoulders
Cosmetics she applies
We thought that would mean the last nail in the coffin
But she had to stop to take a selfie
Though lifeless, she live streams her funeral
To haunt us every night
Lures us with her hashtags in our American dreams 

So tell me, where are the praying women
Call for the wailing women to come and cry out
Women, who love Jesus more than their temptation toward indifference
Realize a retweet does not equate to spiritual action.
Refuse to muzzle their mouth with fear or doubt
Will not sit back and watch a deceased world
Hop on a rollercoaster connected to a hell-bound
Track to trap

Since hell has no exits and heaven no back entrances. 
Women who fight against Satan’s deceptive theme-parked in America’s heart
Who sees depravity beyond the Disney
Knows one day material will dissolve
When light meets water
Billowing beneath His feet
Jesus will test our motives against fire
Every mask will fall to the ground like a June fruit drop
The make-up will peel off our faces like a nicked scab
He will expose us beyond our shaded flesh.

So, where are the women? 
The wailing women who will not be ashamed at His coming?
Have oil in their lamp
Contentment in their bones
Courage in their blood
Conviction in the back of their throat
Canon between their teeth
Ready to cut and cure

Who will cry out in faith?
Demand America come out of her tomb
Who will intercede?
Believe. God can transform us . . . our nation . . .
We live in a world that tries to convince us 
A baby is not a baby because it’s in the womb

But the secrets America houses in her belly turned morgue
In an attempt to deny Imago Dei
Will come back to haunt her on Judgment Day
When God demands an account for the treatment of the helpless
And America argues that the 63 million abortions since '73 
In the name of “women's freedom”
No longer requires the sixth commandment to stand

Who will cry out and stand 
For the murders of those who can no longer stand
Captured on smart phone cameras?
Stand for the melanin and blood mixing in our streets
Who will do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with thy God?
Rather than stand in the way of sinners 

America is a double-minded woman
They say-don’t call her woman
Bind her barely developed breasts, they say 
They say, give her an identity based upon her feelings, they say
Sign her up for surgery, they say
He say, she say, 
But what does God say!?

Where are the women who refuse to base their life on their feelings
Women rooted in blood
Standing on a Rock more firm than the planet they think holds us suspended in space

Who will cry out?
Who will labor over our nations leadership
Rather than take these candidates to twitter 
Take these candidates to prayer!
Look more to the church house than the white house

Where are they? 
The prayers for our witness
Women who will cry out and lay prostrate for the church?
Cry out over the need for true doctrine in our pulpits
Who will be burdened for God being rightly proclaimed and the gospel preserved?
Stand on the inspiration of our Holy Book
When people laugh and call it fiction
Women who weep over the irony of sinners who laugh at crucifixion

Women, who cry out because our Savior did
Who pray and still away because our Savior did
Praying for a heaven, the sin of our earth has hid

Where are the women 
Call for the wailing women to come and cry out
Women, where are you? Stop whatever you are doing
It is time to pray!
It is time to weep and cry out to The Way

About the Author

Blair Linne

Blair Linne lives in Philadelphia with her husband, Shai, and their three children: Sage, Maya, and Ezra. Blair is an actress, speaker, author, and spoken word artist who has toured globally and is known as one of the originators of the Christian Spoken Word genre. Proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ through Bible study, speaking, and spoken word is her passion.