10 Reasons You Can't Afford Not to Be Hospitable

  1. Hospitality is one of the most practical ways to express the love of Christ.
  2. Hospitality reflects the hospitable heart of God.
  3. Hospitality is a great way to build unity and community with other believers.
  4. The Bible promises rewards for those who practice hospitality.
  5. Hospitality is one of the most effective ways to create a hunger for Christ in the hearts of non-believers.
  6. Hospitality helps to deal with loneliness and depression.
  7. Hospitality helps to deal with selfishness.
  8. Hospitality helps to deal with materialism and help you get values that are  eternal.
  9. If you have children, hospitality is a great way to cultivate in their hearts a passion for ministry and a heart for serving other people.
  10. God commands all to be hospitable.


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