Lies Boys BelieveAnd the Epic Quest for Truth

Erin Davis, Jason Davis

Lies Are Powerful. God’s Truth Is Stronger.

Forming your son into a man who can recognize a lie, resist it, and replace it with Truth won't just happen, but it's a skill he can learn as you lead him.

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Erin & Jason Davis wish every boy who reads this book could come spend a day on their farm. He could pick an apple from their orchard, scramble up an egg straight from the chicken coop, or catch a jar full of lightning bugs. Jason and Erin are parents to four amazing boys (and no girls!), so they spend a lot of time snagging catfish, hiking Missouri trails, and playing catch with their sons in their big backyard. Living for Jesus and teaching these young men to do the same is their greatest adventure!

About the Author

Erin Davis

Erin Davis

Erin Davis is married to her high school sweetheart, Jason, and together they parent four energetic boys on their small farm in the midwest. She is the author of more than a dozen books and Bible studies, the content manager … read more …

Jason Davis

Jason Davis

Jason has served with the ministry of Revive Our Hearts since 2012. He believes that reaching women with God's Word can change the world because it inevitably overflows into their families and communities. Jason and his wife, Erin, have been … read more …

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This companion book to Lies Boys Believe is your tool to come alongside your son in the fight against lies. This unique and Bible-centered resource teaches your son the Truth he will need to navigate the challenges he is facing.

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