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Gun LapStaying in the Race with Purpose

Robert Wolgemuth

Gun Lap is for men who are running their last lap and want to live the rest of their lives with purpose and strength.

Perseverance. No word better describes the goal of this race of life . . . every lap . . . including the last one. Gun Lap will help you pay close attention to the strides you have left.

About the Author

Robert Wolgemuth

Robert Wolgemuth

Robert Wolgemuth is the author of over twenty books, but has spent most of his career on the business side of the publishing industry. His credits include executive marketing and management positions in the magazine and book industry in Illinois … read more …


  • Whether he knew it or not, I'm the guy Robert had in mind as he was writing "Gun Lap." I needed this book—the encouragement, the coaching, the challenge. And I'm guessing I'm not the only one. I'm grateful for the wisdom and authenticity that pour from these pages. I'll see you on the home stretch.

    Bob Lepine, Co-host FamilyLife Today
  • Whether your race is short or long, the key is to run that last lap well. Written by my friend Robert Wolgemuth, here is a must read for anyone over 50 . . . men running their gun lap. It's an honest, down-to-earth, and biblical look at the meaning of our lives in this season.

    Greg Laurie, Pastor Harvest Ministries
  • As a fitness nut, I'm aware of the challenges of running competitively, so I'm familiar with that final trip 'round the track. Here's a wonderful book that is exactly what I needed to be encouraged to run well in my later years. My favorite part is that as I was reading, it seemed more like I was having a conversation with my friend, Robert, rather than turning the pages of a book.

    Ken Davis, Author, Speaker, CEO, The Art in Business of Public Speaking
  • Inspiring, challenging, invigorating, and very motivating, "Gun Lap" is a must read, not only for men approaching their sixth or seventh decade, but all men! Why? It is a guide that guarantees a lasting legacy of success, peace, and victorious achievement for yourself and those you will have mentored.

    Dr. Raleigh Washington, President/CEO, The Road to Jerusalem

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