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Robert Wolgemuth—Editor

Find your own armchair “throne” and a quiet moment to consider with Robert Wolgemuth the humbling joy of meeting God in His Word.

Boldness. Courageousness. Gentleness. Wisdom. The men in your life need all of these qualities (and more!) to face the challenges of everyday life. How can they develop them? By becoming more like Jesus through a daily conversation with His Word. The CSB Men’s Daily Bible, with devotional content and practical articles edited by Robert Wolgemuth, invites them to do just that.


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Additional Information

In addition to God’s Word, this inspiring yet intensely practical resource includes content to help men face everyday challenges unique to them and includes topics like marriage, parenting, family, work, and more. Some features include:

  • 260 “Insight for the Day” devotionals
  • 55 “Insight for Life” articles from respected pastors and Christian leaders
  • 234 “Insight for the Moment” callouts providing concise and practical wisdom
  • 95 “Questions for Men” with answers
  • Book introductions to help men understand and connect all 66 books of the Bible

About the Author

Robert Wolgemuth—Editor

Robert Wolgemuth—Editor

Robert Wolgemuth is the author of over twenty books, but has spent most of his career on the business side of the publishing industry. His credits include executive marketing and management positions in the magazine and book industry in Illinois … read more …

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