The 30-Day Husband Encouragement Challenge

Revive Our Hearts Staff Writers

Get ready for God to work in your marriage!

Watch what happens when you commit to spending 30 days intentionally building your husband up. Daily readings include reflection questions and activities to help make the day's thought practical.

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 Revive Our Hearts Staff Writers

Revive Our Hearts Staff Writers

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  • I’m seeing my husband light up. I’m even surprised to hear my husband verbally encourage me more. It's contagious! I’m excited to see lasting results as I grow my muscle of encouragement.

  • I just finished doing the 30-Day Husband Encouragement Challenge—twice! And I want to do this every day for the rest of my marriage.

  • I took the challenge because that was going to change him. But it ultimately led to a wedding re-dedication, because God showed me just a glimpse of me!

  • I realized how quickly criticisms and advice rolled off my tongue. I stopped giving both. Little by little, it became easier, and I started enjoying our relationship as never before. I noticed, almost immediately, that my husband was more 'relaxed' in our relationship—no longer having to shield himself from oncoming words of direction or correction.

  • When I lay down at night, I pray in thankfulness. I’m so overjoyed to share in love and marriage with him instead of crying myself to sleep from feelings of hurt and betrayal. I see our marriage growing so much, and see us growing so much closer together. Our marriage is getting to a place better than it ever was.