May 21, 2020

You’re Not Alone: Hope in Depression with David & Shona Murray

Dr. David and Shona Murray are no strangers to the topic of depression. In this conversation, they speak to the challenges and misunderstandings associated with depression, as well as the powerful hope we have in Christ. You’ll hear practical steps to take toward healing and ways to come alongside those who are struggling.

About the Guest

David and Shona Murray

David and Shona Murray

David Murray (PhD, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) is professor of Old Testament and practical theology at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. He is also a counselor, a regular speaker at conferences, and the author of Exploring the Bible. David and his wife, Shona, attend Grand Rapids Free Reformed Church.

Shona Murray is a mother of five children and has homeschooled for fifteen years. She is a medical doctor and worked as a family practitioner in Scotland until she moved to the United States with her husband, David. She is the author of Refresh: Embracing a Grace-Paced Life in a World of Endless Demands.