May 1, 2020

A Biblical Foundation for Motherhood with Hunter Beless

Are you wondering how to instill the Word of God into your children? Are you discouraged by this season in motherhood? Hunter Beless knows the busyness of being a mom and is passionate about seeing it as an opportunity for intentionality. She’s here with wisdom for how to welcome your kids into your own study with the Lord as you grow together.

About the Guest

Hunter Beless

Hunter Beless

Hunter Beless is the Founder & Executive Director of the Journeywomen Podcast. She believes God has called her to seek after those whom He has awakened to guide them back to their heavenly Father. She exercises this God-given design through her roles as a wife, mama, and podcast host. Though they stumble often, she and her husband, Brooks, strive to display God's covenant-keeping love through their marriage and oneness. They have three children and love journeying through life together for the glory of God.