You've Got a Little Admirer

(Don’t look behind you now, but someone thinks you’re pretty amazing!!)  

So, Mom, what are you doing with that incredible influence you have?  

What’s that?

If you’re in this store one minute longer, you’re going to go absolutely crazy? You want to influence someone other than these kids?

Today through Wednesday, Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and Ann Dunagan are talking to moms like you about your talented kids. (That’s right! I know they might not seem particularly talented at the moment, but God has given each of your children gifts.)  

Can you imagine what would happen if these talents were unleashed for His glory?!

Take this little girl as an example. Anyone think she might just be the next “Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth? (Nancy does!)

The story of Jonah from Corinth Baptist Church on Vimeo.

So, how about it? What talents do you think God has given your children, and how are you intentionally parenting them for the kingdom?

If your answer is “Uh . . . [blank stare]” you may want to tune into “Mission-Minded Families” today through Wednesday and be inspired to develop your children’s gifts while giving them a vision for what they could do while “on mission” with God.

PS: Thanks to Tisa and Becky for not only sharing these adorable pictures with us, but for intentionally parenting your kids for His glory!

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