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I wish you could have been here this week. It’s been intense . . . each day our staff has been meeting for 3.5+ hours to hear from Richard Owen Roberts, Shannon O’Dell, and ultimately, the Holy Spirit. God’s been speaking and moving in amazing ways, and I’d like to share with you a few things I’ve learned over the course of my next few posts. Basically, God’s told me, “I want to use You--in huge ways. But I need you to get ahold of a few things first.” (By the way, I think He wants to use you in huge ways, too.) And He will, if you get ahold of this:    

  1. God’s powerful presence lives in you . . . operate in His power!

It’s so easy to SAY I believe God’s Spirit lives in me, but as I examine my life,  it’s obvious I don’t, because my daily living just doesn’t reflect His power. I’ve been more like the person described in 2 Timothy 3:5, who has a form of godliness, but “denies the power thereof.”

In fact, I relate a whole lot to Peter. On his own, he was a fearsome mess. Matthew 26:69-75 shows him so knock-knee scared he’s cussing (yes, cussing!), and lying out his teeth saying he never even knew this Jesus-dude. And yet, just weeks later three-thousand souls are saved after he preaches one power-packed sermon. What caused this dramatic difference in Peter? There’s no other explanation than . . . the Holy Spirit. (Acts 2 tells us Peter stood up to preach just after the Holy Spirit filled him on the day of Pentecost.)

I’m done underestimating the resurrection power that is in me. From now on, I plan to rely on the Person of Jesus in me, not in a position or title I’m given. And I thoroughly anticipate seeing unbelievable things as a result: 

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us . . .” (Eph. 3:20, emphasis added).

How about you? Do you believe—really truly believe—the very powerful presence of God lives in you? How would your life be different if you lived like this?

God, I pray that out of Your glorious riches You would strengthen us with power through Your Spirit in our inner beings . . . that we would be filled to overflowing with all the fullness of God. (Eph. 3:16, 19).

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Paula Marsteller

Paula Marsteller

Paula has served with Revive Our Hearts for thirteen years. She is the author of Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl: On Her Journey from Neediness to Freedom. There's nothing she loves to share more than the gospel-centered truths that have so transformed her own life: what it means on a daily basis to be "dead to sin, alive to God, and in Christ Jesus." Paula, Trevor, and their son, Iren, make their home in New York.

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