Wife and Mommy All in One Day!

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That fall and winter that Dennis and I dated, my emotions were on a roller coaster ride! On one hand, I was quickly falling for this handsome, strong man. I loved him and his kids, and I could see God working miracles every weekend, drawing us all closer together. Every request I prayed in those months, God graciously answered nearly immediately; I saw God do what only He could in the new relationships. 

But then there was this amazing work that I was a part of with Revive Our Hearts. I felt competent and affirmed there. Even though I was on missionary support, there was a level of security in the place where I was. Going from single career gal to wife and mommy in one day was an idea that sent me into panic mode more than once!

I fought through intense seasons of fear, confusion, doubt, and worry. But God met me with sweet peace and reassurance. I sensed a stirring in my spirit that “now is the time” for God to do a new thing in my life, that there was a new season around the corner for me. God impressed Esther 4:14 on my heart, “If you don’t go to the king, perhaps deliverance will arise from somewhere else—but who knows whether you have been called to the kingdom for such a time as this?”

By the time January 2011 came around, I knew what my answer would be when Dennis asked me to marry him. There wasn’t any other answer! I knew I loved him; I knew God was leading us; I knew our parents had their blessing over us; I knew God had done too many miracles for me to doubt His providential hand over us. I knew Dennis and I were very different, but were committed to the Lord and each other, and would help each other grow. And I was excited about the future adventures God would have for us . . . together.

When I was sixteen, I prayed and dedicated my single years to the Lord to serve Him. In my youthful naivety, I specifically prayed that I would serve God in my single years “whether it be five years or fifteen years.” Nearly fifteen years to the day of that prayer, Dennis and I joyfully committed our lives to each other in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by our family and friends.

My only regret from my years of singleness is that I fretted too much, that I didn’t trust God enough. There were seasons of sadness and depression and hopelessness. Looking back, I think, “Why couldn't I simply trust the Lord? Look what He was preparing for me (and preparing me for), and I wasted all that time depressed and faithless.” The crucible of faith during my single years was God’s plan to purify in me a faith and a joy that are now my life-line as a wife and mom.

Are you in a season of fear, loneliness, depression, or hurt? Cling to Jesus. Remember to rejoice. Trust Him for the good times and the bad times. Be willing to step out in faith and courage. You never know what adventure God has around the corner for you!

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About the Author

Laura Williams

Laura Williams

Laura (Shaffer) Williams is wife to Dennis and mom to four lively kids. In her single years, she was the Creative Services Manager for Revive Our Hearts. Now she gets to hang out all day with three-year Rachel (also known as Princess), help her elementary kids Lindsay and Joe with homework and 4-H, and encourage her middle-school-age son, Tim, with school and sports. Between keeping house, helping her husband with his business, and doing some graphic design work in her free time, life is a fast-paced adventure.

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