When Tragedy Strikes, Choosing God over Entertainment, and More

When the Darkness Overwhelms

Terrorism. Natural disasters. Mass shootings. “Disheartening conversations. Division within the body of Christ . . . Friends suffering physically, emotionally, spiritually.” When you look at all of the evil and suffering in this world, do you feel overwhelmed? If so, allow Quina Aragon’s words to remind you of the hope we have in Christ. “We may feel overwhelmed by the darkness,” Quina says, “but it will never consume us. The Light is our hope,” and it has overcome the world. Read this post.

Tragedy in Texas: Christian Testimony in the Face of Evil

“All hearts were directed to Texas on Sunday as twenty-six people were shot and killed when a twenty-six-year-old gunman dressed in black opened fire as a church service was underway at a Baptist church in a small town near San Antonio, Texas.” How can we possibly make sense of such a tragic situation? In this post, Dr. Albert Mohler offers perspective from the Christian worldview; his wisdom will not only help you process these recent events, but it will also provide an incredibly helpful resource to share with your family and friends. Read this post.

How Do I Love God More Than My Entertainment?

“What should we do,” asks John Piper, “when the excitements of TV and movies and video games and sports feel so attractive and so exciting—far more interesting than God? What should we do?” Piper says that we must experience a miracle to delight in God more than we delight in the entertainments of the world, but he also says that God has given us means to enjoy Him. Here are his suggestions for “seeing and tasting the totally beautiful, totally interesting, totally satisfying God in Christ.” Read this post.

Thanksgiving Happys

Whether you prefer your turkey deep fried, baked, or smoked, you’ll enjoy listening to Barbara Rainey and Tracy Lane talk about spending time with loved ones and preparing for a Thanksgiving feast. In this episode of FamilyLife Today, Barbara and Tracy remind listeners that Thanksgiving is not about favorite recipes, but rather about getting people together to enjoy and remember all of God’s blessings. Listen to this episode.

Women in China’s House Church Movement Face a Hidden Challenge

They may live on the other side of the world, but Christian women in China face many of the same issues as those living in the United States. Hannah Nation says, “These women in ministry face spiritual difficulty not in dramatic showdowns with the government but rather in the same daily struggle to live according to God’s grace that most believers face around the world.” Want to learn more about what life is like for our sisters overseas? Read this post.

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Katie Laitkep

Katie Laitkep

Katie Laitkep is a hospital teacher, a seminary student, and a Lyme patient living in Texas, where God continuously sustains her through Scripture, dry shampoo, and Mexican food. She blogs her journey through medical treatment at www.apatientprocess.com with the hope that her words will be a picture of the Lord’s perfect faithfulness in chronic pain; for even in suffering, God is good.

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