What is Revival?

This month we'll be focusing on several topics including praying for revival. So I thought I would share with you a little background on our ministry. Most of you know that True Woman is a ministry of Revive Our Hearts (ROH), but did you realize that ROH was birthed from a "revival ministry" called Life Action Ministries?

You may not be familiar with Life Action Ministries (LAM) or even the term "revival," so today I'd like to share a little about both.

The following are a few helpful definitions of "revival" from LAM's website and publications:

Revival is more than an isolated experience. More than a week of extra (church) services. More than hype and manifestations. It is a "flash" of the glory of God that will one day cover all the earth. It is a divine foretaste of His kingdom come.

Revival. It's just one word, but it represents God's purposes and best for your life. In a world broken by sin, revival is a critical part of God's plan to heal, restore, and change everything.

Del Fehsenfeld III, Senior Editor of LAM's Revive magazine, defines revival as "bridging the gap between what we know about God and what we are experiencing of God." I like his definition, because it places the focus on the reality and work of a "personal" God.

I define revival as:
God's presence powerfully working in the lives of His people in such a way that it gives compelling evidence to the gospel and a glimpse of who God truly is. When God chooses to move in such a way that whole communities of people are gripped by their sinful conditions, responding in massive and radical repentance, that can be considered "revival."

Life Action Ministries' Mission:
"To ignite Christ-centered movements of revival among God's people that display His glory and advance His kingdom throughout the world."

That is what we desire. As women embrace and live out their role as true women, we believe it can ignite a Christ-centered movement of revival across this nation and throughout the world. Knowing that revival can't occur without God's sovereign initiation, my prayer for God to bring revival in my lifetime comes from Isaiah 64. When it comes to revival, what are you asking God to do?

Will you join me in crying out to Him to bring an outpouring of His Spirit, which will result in true revival? If so, why don't you record a portion of what you're asking Him to do in the comment space below?

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Kimberly Wagner

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