Weakness, Stress, and Parties

Signs You Are on the Pathway from Stressed to Depressed

This week on Revive Our Hearts, we heard from David and Shona Murray, a husband and wife who have each written books about implementing grace-paced lifestyles. (Take a look at Reset by David and Refresh by Shona.) If you missed that conversation with Nancy, it’s certainly an encouraging listen worth your time. I also found this 4-minute video clip with Shona particularly probing. How can you recognize the signs that you are on your way from stressed to depressed? Watch the video.

Longing for Likes: How to Capture the Hearts of Gen Z with a Greater Love

Does the iGeneration (those born between 1996 and 2014) tend to baffle you? Do you bemoan their typical phone-as-a-third-appendage behavior? Let’s strive to never write off a younger generation; what’s more, let’s strive to understand their world so that we can minister to and love them fiercely. This ultra informative post will help you wrap your mind around the generation that’s never known the world without the Internet. Read this post.

Weakness and Failure Will Build Your Faith

I love Vaneetha Rendall Risner’s way of scripting beautiful, Christ-centered words out of her story of suffering. Our lives take unexpected turns—and when it seems like all we have is our failure staring us in the face, that’s where God can draw us closest to Him. “God’s greatest work in us is built on the ground of our failure,” Vaneetha writes. “God does his most extraordinary work when we rely on him alone.” Read this post.

Sometimes It Takes a Party

Got a reason to celebrate? A reason to bake a pan of blondies and open your doors? I’m a fan of celebrating anything, so I love the connection this post makes between parties and inviting people into the family of God. Here are 5 reasons we should be life-giving “party starters.” Read this post.

Updated Edition of Lies Young Women Believe Releases February 6!

This Bible study for teen girls, co-authored by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and Dannah Gresh, has a fresh new look, inside and out, and releases on Tuesday, February 6. It will be available here for a gift of any amount! Plus, the Lies Young Women Believe blog will be giving away copies of the updated study all month long.

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