Waiting, Searching for a Spouse, and Knowing Jesus

The Miracle of Waiting Faithfully

When it comes to waiting on the Lord, Jackie Hill Perry says, “Sometimes the miracle isn’t in your prayer being answered but in your faith being grown as you wait.” In this episode of the Ask Pastor John podcast, Jackie explains that “God is always doing a variety of things in secret that we don’t realize or don’t see . . . The miraculous thing is that God will somehow use my waiting as a means to grow my faith so that I could see Jesus and want Jesus and crave Jesus.” Listen to this episode.

Confusing Christ-likeness with Christ: Seeking the Soft-Hearted in the Search for a Spouse

“Christian women are often commissioned on a quest to find a man who portrays biblical masculinity, but quite honestly,” Liz Wann writes, “I’m afraid we have directions to find a unicorn. Yes, there should be a biblical standard for the person we marry, but . . . many people instruct us to look for the God-man instead of a man-man that loves God.” In this post, Liz shares the one vital aspect godly women in dating relationships should look for: something God Himself looks for in a person. Read this post.

Four Lies That Keep Us from Church

What lies prevent you from fully participating in the body of Christ? Even as women who profess Christ, we can find ourselves vulnerable to the four pervasive truths Megan Hill shares in this post. “Though the world would tell us that church is an option, an irrelevance, or a human invention,” Megan says that we know better: “Our identities hinge on the precious truth that belonging to Christ means we also belong to everyone else who belongs to Him.” Read this post.

Danger: Doing 'Jesusy' Stuff Without Knowing Jesus

Jared C. Wilson thinks that one of the most sobering passages of Scripture is Matthew 7:21–23, which shows that “it is apparently possible to do a whole bunch of stuff ‘in Jesus’ name’ that has no real connection to Him whatsoever.” It’s possible, he says, “to do Jesusy stuff without knowing Jesus.” The foundation that we are to build on, then, “is not the doing of Jesus’ words but the work of Jesus already done, namely His sacrificial death and glorious resurrection. The rock to build on is Jesus Himself.” Read this post.

The Happy Hour with Elyse Fitzpatrick

Elyse Fitzpatrick’s goal is for women to see how every part of the Bible points to Jesus and His love for us. During her interview with Jamie Ivey on Jamie’s The Happy Hour podcast, Elyse shares examples of God’s redemptive interactions with women throughout Scripture, and she gives her answer to whether or not women should dive deep into the study of Scripture and theological topics: in short, yes! Their conversation will encourage you to seek more and more of the love of Christ through God’s Word. Listen to this episode.

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Katie Laitkep

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