Sin & Repentance

What does true repentance from sin look like and how can we maintain a spirit of repentance? We can be encouraged that repentance does not start with us, but begins with a work of God in our hearts. May these resources be a guide and encouragement to you as you seek to obey Him in faithful repentance.

Are You Hiding?

It troubles God when we wear masks that attempt to keep Him—and others—from looking into our hearts. …


Prettying Up Our Sin

We hate, yet we call it dislike. We are rude, yet we call it having a bad day. We are brazen and full of pride, yet we call it assertiveness. …



Short of moving to a planet with no kitties, people, or other irritations, what’s to be done about this anger spewing out of us? …


Do You Have Plionexia, Too?

It's hard to live where we live and watch what we watch and listen to what we listen to and not covet. We are bombarded with enticements to covet. …