Sin & Repentance

What does true repentance from sin look like and how can we maintain a spirit of repentance? We can be encouraged that repentance does not start with us, but begins with a work of God in our hearts. May these resources be a guide and encouragement to you as you seek to obey Him in faithful repentance.

The Antidote for Apathy

The moment our salvation becomes ordinary, we open the door for something else to captivate our hearts: apathy toward God and the gospel. …


My Haman Heart

We like to relate with Esther, the praying woman with great courage. But do we ever see ourselves with a heart like Haman's? …


The Desensitization of Grey

There is absolute white. There is absolute black. But there is no such thing as absolute grey. The color grey has an infinite number of shades. Not just FIFTY. …