Salvation & My New Identity

The Gospel is the best news for a sinful, fallen human race. Simply put, the Gospel is the truth that Christ has paid the ransom that we owe God for sin. Christ has paid our debt. For both the unbeliever and the believer, the Gospel is the most critical truth to believe. May these resources on the Gospel give you a greater understanding of both your need for Christ and God's great grace in making the Gospel available to us.

The Antidote for Apathy

The moment our salvation becomes ordinary, we open the door for something else to captivate our hearts: apathy toward God and the gospel. …


Breath and Dependence

I am physically, mentally, and spiritually dependent on the Lord God for every single thing—right down to the most basic function of being alive—the need to breathe. …


The Tempting Apple of Ambition

We're all tempted by the desires of the flesh, the eyes, and the pride of life to find significance—but in Christ, we don't have to chase after applause. We rest in His finished work. …


Am I a Failure?

Are you grappling with discouraging failure? Know that you are defined not by failure, but by the victory of the cross. …