Bible Reading & Memorization

True wisdom finds its rest in God, and His instruction to us through His Word.  It is our desire that you would cherish the Word of God for the rich treasure that it is, and that you would exclaim with David "Oh, how I love Your law!" (Psalm 119:97).

A Desperate Love

One blogger was so desperate for relief from her toothache that she tried chewing tobacco—and it made her wonder: how desperate am I for true healing in Jesus? …


Women, Wisdom, and the World Wide Web

The blogosphere has become a virtual living room where women share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences. But we must take care to discerningly read everything through the lens of Scripture. …


Reviving a Lifeless Bible Study

Women are studying the Bible and loving it. They’re doing their homework, learning, discussing, and thriving while I’m sitting on the sidelines, stalled out. I don’t want to sit here anymore. …


Words That Shimmer

As believers, we have exclusive access to the most exhaustive collection of shimmering words in the universe: the very words of God Himself. …