Thriving and Temptation and Depression

Why Christian Love Matters in Depression

The first day Kathryn Butler walked through church doors, no one knew she fought the compulsion to throw herself off a bridge. She writes, “Many rightly deduced that church was foreign to me. No one, however, could perceive the severity of my groaning, because depression is a hidden disability.” In this post, Kathryn shows us how to love those suffering the darkness of depression and explains how important it is to partner with our partners and sister until the light returns. Read this post.

The Key to Thriving Through Hard Things and Creating the Life You Long For

Do you remember the story of Joseph in the Old Testament? “Joseph knew what it felt like to not know resolution, not see justice, not see his life in bloom the way he had envisioned,” but in the midst of his prolonged suffering, he rested in God’s promises. Ruth Chou Simons says that this can be your story as well: “God is actively growing you, friend, while you sow within the hard soils of affliction. You don’t have to be blooming to be growing, so don’t give up.” Read this post.

The Morning Before a Sexual Fall

“Whose mouth fills your head? In the moments of temptation, two voices vie for our heart. One is smooth, seductive, and destructive; the other is sovereign, reliable, and rewarding.” Marshall Segal explains that it’s God’s voice and truth we need in our hearts, not just when temptation arrives, but before and after. The fight for sexual purity, he says, begins with drawing battle lines in God’s Word each morning. Read this post.

Video and Audio Release: John Piper’s ‘Great Is Thy Faithfulness’

“The minute the last song of TGC’s Women’s Conference finished, women started asking about it.” They had been singing a version of “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” that included additional verses written by John Piper. In this post, Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra provides the backstory to the new verses, and at the end of the post, TGC and Austin Stone Worship offer the video, audio, and chord charts for you to view and download for free!

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Katie Laitkep

Katie Laitkep

Katie Laitkep is a hospital teacher, a seminary student, and a Lyme patient living in Texas, where God continuously sustains her through Scripture, dry shampoo, and Mexican food. She blogs her journey through medical treatment at with the hope that her words will be a picture of the Lord’s perfect faithfulness in chronic pain; for even in suffering, God is good.

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