The Spoiled Birthday Brat Syndrome

I look forward to my birthday the way most girls look forward to their wedding day. I count down the days . . . all year long. Call me psycho, OCD, or just plain weird, but on the eleventh of each month, I think with delight, “I’m __ years and ___ months old today!” 

This sort of obsession tends to gets me in trouble when my big day actually rolls around, because most people just don’t care that it’s my birthday. Imagine that! So I end up disappointed when people neglect to say, sing, or otherwise give me a rousing “Happy Birthday!” If I was a little girl, you'd probably find me on the ground kicking my legs, screaming, and making a real fuss because I wasn't getting enough attention on my day

This year, my birthday falls on a Sunday. This Sunday. That means I have even less hope than normal of finding a shiny wrapped present on my desk or a surprise bouquet of flowers at the receptionist desk.

But that’s okay. Because this year I’m working on an antidote. It’s called the Intentionally-Bless-Others-All-Day-Long-Cure. I have a few ideas already, but I’d welcome more from you (Let me guess . . . I could come clean your bathrooms!).

While my birthday seems to bring out my self-absorption in spades, I’m actually aware of it every single day. Call it the Spoiled Birthday Brat Syndrome, or . . . call it my selfish Sin Nature.

Thankfully, the very One who says, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” actually put flesh to those words when He gave the greatest gift I’ve ever received—His life and death to pay my sin-debt; His resurrection to give me peace with God.

My birthday’s looking up already!

How about you? Have you asked Jesus to heal you of your self-absorbed soul sickness? Are you celebrating the healing He purchased for you today? I hope so!

Did you discover God’s Truth today?

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