The Kimyal Tribe's Joyful Celebration

Receiving God's Word for the Very First Time!
Can you imagine what it would be like to have just received the New Testament in your own language for the very first time
This ten-minute video records the historic day when the Kimyal tribe of Papua, Indonesia celebrated God coming to them through His Word. I doubt you will be able to hold your tears back as you witness the Kimyals’ intense emotions ranging from silence to sobbing to joyous praise. 
“Our hearts are no longer heavy, they are light,” one of the Kimyal elders remarks. “This year, 2010, is a very important year,” another man says. “It’s a year of rejoicing. Today, through God’s Son, God has brought us His Word. Today, we are living in the light.” 
Kimyal Bible translator Rosa Kidd says to people like you and me, “We have had the Word of God for so long we take it for granted. We don’t realize what a precious gift we hold in our hands.”
This video will help you remember just what a sacred gift the Scriptures really are! Once you’ve watched it, pop on over to to listen to Nancy’s current series, “How We Got Our English Bible.” You will gain a new appreciation for the translators who poured out their time, effort, and even their lives to give English speakers like us the Word of God. You will also be amazed afresh at our God who not only inspired the Word, but preserved it! 

Two Bible Translators Tell Their Stories 
When we watched this video at Nancy’s last recording session, we discovered that two of the women in the audience had also served as medical missionaries on Bible translating teams! Meta Moerdyk and Pat Breucker shared their stories with me over lunch.  

In fact, Pat also worked in Papua, Indonesia with the Citaks, a very isolated stone-age tribe who lived in almost constant fear, and had no concept or word for “love.” She told me, “Our people were the most sickly, downcast, downtrodden people I had ever seen. But when they came to know Christ, there was a total transformation in their appearance. Their faces were smiling, shining.” 

Meta worked with the Izii tribe in Nigeria, and she longs to see what she saw there take place in America:  
“We saw how the entry of God’s Word didn’t reform, but transformed the Izii tribe. Here in the United States, we want reform. But we’ve taken this only instrument that can do so [the Bible] out of the public schools, etc. Then we worry, how can we change people? 

"How can we change our society? It’s so simple. We took the Word of God to these people, and it totally changed their lives. That’s what our country needs.” 
Are you sharing God’s Word with your neighbors, family, and co-workers? Are you daily reading and delighting in God’s very words to you? 
(By the way, if you do not own a copy of God’s Word, please leave a comment below and we will remedy that, as long as our supplies last.) 
“The entrance of your words gives light, it gives understanding to the simple” (Psalm 119:130). 
“For God, who said, ‘Let light shine out of darkness,' made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ’” (2 Cor. 4:4-6). 

Did you discover God’s Truth today?

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