The Gospel Coalition Conference A La Carte Style

They say that imitation is the best form of flattery. In that spirit, I’d like to mimic Tim Challies' A La Carte format this morning . . .

“The African Spurgeon”  
I caught the tail end of Pastor Conrad Mbewe’s message last night, and the bit I heard was so utterly Christ-exalting it moved me to tears. This is a man who loves God, I thought. I hope to listen to his entire message as soon as I have the chance, and thought you’d like to know that you can download all the conference plenary messages here.  

God Moving in Little Rock
This week, Byron Paulus, the Executive Director of Life Action Ministries, traveled to Little Rock to observe for himself what God is up to. His interview with Pastor Bill Elliff will be available later today on the Infuse podcast

Crossway Impact Rewards Program
I just heard about this for the first time at this conference, and if you’re a book lover, you’ll want to join! You’ll get 25% off everything you buy for a year + free books + monthly special offers + free shipping on orders over $50. AND . . . for every book you purchase, you’ll be able to choose a ministry like Revive Our Hearts or The Gospel Coalition and give 5% of the cost of your purchase to them! Learn more here.

Mary Kassian’s Husband Gives Us the Inside Scoop
Okay, this was fun. I had the opportunity to get to know Mary Kassian’s husband this week. In fact, over lunch yesterday, I picked his brains about himself, hockey, his boys, and what it’s like to be married to Mary (in his words, “There’s never a dull moment!”) Stay tuned in the near future for a post on my conversation with him—you’ll love this inside scoop.

On Grace and Walking
Pastor Matt Chandler gave an illustration on grace last night that I will not soon forget. You know how a child will take her first two steps and then fall face-first on the ground? To this day, Pastor Chandler has never met a father who exclaims, “Idiot!” when this happens. Rather, he cries, “Get the camera! Get the camera!” He celebrates the steps and sets his daughter back up after her fall. He knows she will just get better and better at walking.

“When you blow it,” Pastor Chandler said, “God still celebrates His Son in you.” The litmus test for if you really understand the gospel is . . . .what do you do when you fail? Do you go clean yourself up before you run back to the Throne of grace? (’Cause when you think you’re cleaned up enough for God, you’re filthy before Him. In Pastor Chandler's words, “You’re offensive to God without His Son.”)

God is always thrilled with the righteousness of Christ in us. That’s why we don’t have to clean ourselves up on our own. How’s that for good news?!

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