The Desensitization of Grey

It's no secret. When black and white merge, they produce grey. Every time.

There is absolute white. There is absolute black. But there is no such thing as absolute grey. The color grey has an infinite number of shades. Not just FIFTY. And that is exactly why this Friday could go down as one of the most morally destructive days in our nation's history.

For us as Christians, the lightest shade of grey is destructive when we know it is a matter of disobeying the Word of God or the Spirit of God.

I heard one preacher say, "It could be the most destructive day globally since Eve took a bite of fruit in the Garden." Eve allowed her curiosity to lead her to just one bite. Satan did not tempt her with the entire tree; just a bite.

One bite hidden and not resulting in brokenness and repentance will naturally lead to many bites. Don't fall for it. The grey pathway is paved with increasing desensitization resulting in destructive behavior. This chart is the path David took regarding Bathsheba and Uriah in 2 Samuel 11.


Even a small amount of societal grey can be destructive. For us as Christians, the lightest shade of grey is destructive when we know it is a matter of disobeying the Word of God or the Spirit of God.

Even a seemingly small area of disobedience is sin. And the wages of sin is death, in some form or fashion. Therefore, this Friday will likely be remembered by godly people not as a "grey" day in history, but a "black" day.

When it comes to desensitization to moral perversion resulting in cultural disintegration, the release of the movie Fifty Shades may be more destructive than ISIS. Why? Because at least we are still on our guard fighting against ISIS at some level. But on many fronts, we quit fighting against sin in the sexual realm.

While we vigorously defend our geographical boundaries against physical aggression of evil designed to torture and kill the human body, we passively support and even promote soul aggression of evil that tortures and destroys the mind, emotions, and human spirit.

Even a seemingly small area of disobedience is sin.

We must not forget that fifty of fifty-two major civilizations were destroyed because of inward moral decay . . . from allowing white to lead to grey and then to black.

To data-ize the argument, the United States spends $640 billion a year to defend its citizens against evil aggressors intruding on our territory. That's more than the next eight countries spend combined.

And how much do we spend protecting ourselves from intruders who are hell-bent on turning white into grey by mixing black into the sexual fiber of our people?

Some may ask, "Why is sexual sin a bigger deal than other sins?" The reason is because the New Testament distinguishes between sins against the body and sins not against the body:

Run away from sexual sin! No other sin so clearly affects the body as this one does. For sexual immorality is a sin against your own body (1 Cor. 6:18 NLT).

A nation of no black and white (absolutes) will become a nation where all shades of grey are acceptable. So this Friday is not only the opening of a movie but the opening of a desensitization dike that could release unparalleled sexual immorality . . . UNLESS . . .

Stay Away from Christian Grey

I believe using the name Christian Grey as the lead character in Fifty Shades is not coincidental. We must not allow "Christian" to describe "grey" and thus define our lifestyles as believers. We are Christians with absolutes, not Christians without absolutes.

I do not doubt there are Christian individuals who live "grey" lifestyles, but this is not God's design. It is the result of tolerating injections of black into the hearts and minds of those who were once white-hearted believers. Are our hearts grey or white?

Christians living a "grey" lifestyle is not God's design.

Scientifically, blackness is the absence of any stream of light. So while we are headed down the road to an increasingly dark culture, we can still shed much light on the way. We do so by running from all shades of grey and clinging to the purest of white, which is found only in Jesus Christ. We must not even let "innocent exposure" take the next step toward first base.

The church exists to glorify a holy God, a pure God who fully understands our temptations to invite grey in as a brief house guest. Regarding Fifty Shades of Grey, do not even go on a curious search. Not even one small "bite" of curious search.

Keep away from every kind of evil (1 Thess. 5:22).

It is shameful even to talk about the things that ungodly people do in secret (Eph. 5:12).

How to Stay Away from Grey


The slide downward to a grey lifestyle can be countered by praying for supernatural protection from even innocent exposure, and taking steps to avoid temptation that is fostered by curiosity. Then biblical persuasion will be the tool to continue a pathway to avoid all shades of grey.

Together, while the world becomes dark grey and even black in the coming weeks, let's live in the light that dispels all darkness and share the hope with all who are bound in sin.

Will you join me and walk in the Light, together?

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Byron Paulus

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