The Church and the Single Mom Family

Carrie walked down the aisle in the same church where she grew up. Church has always been a part of her life, but after her divorce, church is now the place she feels most alone.  

Cherise’s life was shattered with her husband’s heart attack and sudden death. The former stay-at-home mom now works all day and spends all night trying to be both mom and dad. 
Carrie, Cherise, and countless other single moms are all exhausted, hurting, and feeling very much alone. Some are fighting through circumstances they never thought they would find themselves in, and others are suffering from the results of strongholds of generational sin.  
You know her. You sat by her at the school program. She waited on your table at the restaurant last night. She rang up your supplies for your foreign mission trip. Life is so busy–you didn’t hear the hurt behind the words as she called out, “have a good night,” and it never occurred to you that she is part of a mission field right in your own back yard. They all need help, hope, and most of all–Jesus Christ.
Families are increasingly falling apart; children are growing up with no idea of what a healthy intact family looks like, and the cycle is being repeated. Numerous studies show kids from single parent homes are more likely to have sex before marriage, do drugs, and commit suicide. Similar studies show these children are more likely to end up as unwed parents or divorced themselves. The enemy has been occupying this ground far too long and getting a lot of bang for his buck. God loves these families, and only a relationship with Him can make a difference which will positively impact lives for generations (Deut 7:9).
By intentionally reaching out to these families through single mom ministries such as The Well, the church has a tremendous opportunity to affect real life change. In addition, Christians need to see their personal roles as ambassador and disciple to these women and their children. The number of single mom families is increasing, and some statistics show less than five percent are connected to a church body. 
You can help connect them . . . 
  • Get to know that single mom cashier or waitress and invite her to your church.
  • Reach out to the lady sitting alone in the pew in front of you and ask her to sit with you. 
  • Offer to occasionally give a very tired single mom a break by taking her kids along on your family outing. By doing so, you can help the kids see a healthy marriage being modeled.
  • You and your husband can serve as mentors to a child and teach him or her how to become a godly man or woman. 
The possibilities are endless and the impact is eternal. God has good plans for these families, and the body of Christ can make an eternal difference that will have generational impact . . . will you be His hands and feet?

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Kim Jaggers

Kim Jaggers

God has opened doors for Kim Jaggers to minister to women as a speaker, writer, and ministry leader. Kim loves Jesus with all her heart and has a passion for others to develop a real, run-to-Him relationship and to crave God's Word as she does . . . "more than chocolate."

Kim authors an internationally received e-devotional entitled "Single Moment," and has recently released the book Truth to Hold On To. She has served as a guest blogger for Lifeway's Women Reaching Women. Kim's compelling story has also been featured on Revive our Hearts. She lives and laughs often with her family near Knoxville, Tennessee.