Ten True Woman 101 Appetite-Whetting Quotes

They did it! They just finished their eighth video session for True Woman 101: Divine Design! I’ll leave you with a few quotes from the final session on sisterhood. That way, you’ll just HAVE to read the book and watch the videos this March in order to get the context for these quotes. (But you don’t mind that, do you?!)

“How does legacy pass? Sisterhood. There has to be an awareness and engagement with sisterhood.” –Mary Kassian

“A leading preacher of 19th century France, acknowledged that, ‘The greatest influence on earth, whether for good or for evil, is possessed by women . . .’” –Nancy Leigh DeMoss

“I will never forget a conference where I talked about wildness and wisdom. Two girls came up arm in arm with tears streaming down their faces and they said, ‘Where are our mothers? Why have we never heard this before?’ It cut me to my core, because we’re the mothers—the spiritual mothers.” –Mary Kassian

“I have a friend who emailed me and said, ‘I will not sign the True Woman Manifesto because I can’t be this kind of woman.’ I said, ‘None of us can be! But this is what we’re aiming for.’” –Kim Wagner 

“Apart from relationship with Jesus Christ, this is foolishness.” –Mary Kassian

“If a few angry determined women made such a profound impact for evil, just think what kind of impact a few godly, determined women could make for good.” –Nancy Leigh DeMoss

“It’s not miserable to become the woman God made you to be.” –Holly Elliff

“It’s like a smear campaign. The Word of God is smeared if we don’t do our job. That’s the time we’re living in now. There’s graffiti on God’s name because of our behavior as Christian women. We have an opportunity to clean that up, and pass that on to the next generation.” –Mary Kassian 

“Everyone’s passing on a legacy in some way.” –Nancy Leigh DeMoss

“Womanhood is about being daughters who display the WOW! of Jesus as we do our lives as women . . .” –Mary Kassian 

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