Stop Trying, Start Dying

God’s ways and thoughts are so mysterious. So upside-down, scratch-your-head, wonderfully higher than ours. You’ll catch a bit of that in this short video clip by Jennifer Rothschild. For starters, she begins, “God uses us best when we try least to be needed by Him,” and ends with, “I need God to work within me far more than God needs me to work for Him.”

Some of you—the ones who want to keep all the rules and be “perfect” Christians—may be frustrated with this video. You’ll say, “Just tell me what you want me to DO!” The short answer: Stop trying, and start dying.

Others of you are going to love this video. You’ll exclaim, “Yes! Preach it, sister!” Whatever your response, Jennifer has a much-needed reminder for all of us who want to glorify God with our lives.

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