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Can I Sing "Amazing Grace" if I Was Saved at Six?

“If you were saved when you were six years old, can you feel the greatness of the sinfulness from which you were rescued? . . . Can you really sing, ‘Amazing grace! How sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me’?” Yes! John Piper has put together this list of six reasons why it’s possible to “feel the greatness of our sinfulness, and the wonder of grace, even if we have no recollection of ever being an unbeliever.” Read this post.

Happy Back-to-School Eve!

Moms, as you break out the confetti, allow this season of sharpened pencils and laminated schedules to remind you that “Jesus is making all things new.” As Gloria Furman says, this is “an occasion for you to dive back into the Word of God to feast on the food your soul needs. Let the Word lift your gaze to the horizon of eternity. May the Spirit of God help you dream up kingdom-sized dreams” for yourselves, your kids, your home, and your time. Read this post.

Know Your Rights as a Christian in a Public School

Does your child have the right to pray at school? As a parent, do you have the right to be notified if your child is enrolled in a course that includes topics like sex education, homosexuality, or family planning? “As the school year gets underway, many parents, students, teachers, and coaches have questions about what they legally can and cannot do as it relates to their Christian faith.” Here is a helpful collection of resources to help you understand your rights. Read this post.

Your Gifts Are Not for You

“What should I do if my church doesn’t appreciate my gifts?" Trillia Newbell (director of community outreach for the ERLC and author of Enjoy), Blair Linne (wife, mother, actress, and spoken word artist), and Rosaria Butterfield (author of Openness Unhindered) discuss their answers in this eight-minute roundtable video. Whether or not you find yourself in this particular situation, the wisdom in this clip will encourage you to continue trusting the Lord in a season of waiting. Watch this video.

10 Issues to Work Through Before You Get Married

“Some people get married too soon. After love at first sight and a whirlwind romance, they quickly plan a wedding, exchange rings, and settle into a marriage that soon turns sour,” and yet, Tim Challies says, “So much pain can be avoided by working through issues before that wedding day. While courtship and engagement is, of course, the time to plan a wedding, it is also the time to plan a marriage. Here, drawn from the work of Jim Newheiser, is a list of issues to work through before you get married.” Read this post.

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